Do you have goals or dreams in mind, challenges in your life to overcome, or anything about your work, your business or life you want to explore and see more clearly? Do you constantly put your dreams on the back burner, only to never have them come to life?  Can you imagine a life where you have all the success, freedom, and empowerment you want with no limitations?  Do you feel like you could manifest your biggest dreams if you had some extra help, guidance, and support?


If you need clarity on your goals, your identity, or establishing routines, a single session can be a game-changer to your growth! Working together, we will break your goal down into manageable steps and create a focused strategy to accomplish each step in the right order, and in a timely manner.  Regardless of whether your goal is personal or professional, you will always know what you need to do next and how to get it done.


I offer you a safe space to look inside yourself for answers. I am focused on bringing clients into wholeness through discovery, empowerment, and transformation. I will help you identify & break free from blocks that are standing in your way and preventing you from fulfilling your ultimate potential.


Awaken +  Activate workshop is right for you if you are ready to go in the path of

  • Establishing a healthy mind and body foundation for your growth

  • Deep diving into you (values, skills, talents, experiences, personality)

  • Defining your life vision and purpose

  • Strategizing and brainstorming on how to bring you to the world - the biggest most authentic you

  • Creating goals that align with your vision

  • Learning to establish habits that support your goals

  • Building confidence in how to move forward in a state of flow




Negative feelings make a regular appearance and are the backdrop of life for the past 2 months. These days I am feeling the roller-coaster ride of fear, anger and sadness more often than usual.

  • There are moments and times when I am gripped by fear and stand lifeless and lonely in the vast ocean of uncertainty.

  • There are moments in the day when I stop and notice that I am feeling waves of anger for no reason.

  • And there are moments of sadness that ripple into every corner of my body with a frozen sense of disconnection, pushing away intimacy with my loved ones.


You are most definitely, not alone.


Our workshop is centered around a healthy approach and tools to inspire you to break free and fill your cup. Giving you the clarity to move through your day confidently grounded and centered in your thoughts, feelings, energy and intimacy with yourself and loved ones.

Learn the impact, importance and benefits of breaking free from negative emotions with tools of awareness, acknowledgement, and empowerment to release fear, anger and sadness.

At the end of our workshop together you will…

  • Know how to identify emotional upset with wisdom

  • Confidently use your tools to bring you back in balance

  • Become more resilient and live, love and laugh more authentically



S.E.R.P. is a slow and gentle series of body postures and movements to release emotionally trapped or stagnant energy in your body. Think of it as a fusion of Yoga and super slow dancing. Rebalancing the core energy centre to be more in harmony and inspire the body to activate its innate ability to heal.

S.E.R.P. is part of the Break Free: Releasing Fear, Anger and Sadness program and workshop series.


Does this sound like you?

  • I am easily triggered to respond in anger and conversations of conflict.

  • I have chest tightness and a lump in my throat giving to anxiety and worry.

  • I am feeling a high level of stress and tension with a sense of numbness.

  • I have a heaviness in my chest and heart with an overwhelming sense of sadness.

  • I have a foggy brain and experience lack of sleep which creates a loss of control in my day-to-day life.

  • I am feeling disconnected and uncertain of what I need.


Negative emotions show up and cause a variety of imbalances in the mind, heart and body. Anger and Conflict may appear as high blood pressure and heart attack. Sadness may appear as a weakened immune system and depression/numbness. Fear may appear as stress, tension, PTSD and phobias. Hurt, grief, guilt and shame may lower healing energy and create depression. To name a few...