Exercises and techniques to be covered in Level 2 include;

  • Attunement

  • Introduction and uses of the three Reiki symbols- Cho-Ku-Rei, Sei-He-Ki, Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen

  • Scanning the energy field and chakra balancing

  • Breathing exercises to increase and hold life force and how to direct it

  • Distance healing with Reiki and Crystal healing

  • Massage table practice

  • Healing with your heart & Healing with your eyes

  • Encoding the vibration of eight crystal and gemstone, including ruby, emerald, celestine, sapphire, dioptase, lapis lazuli, and moldavite.

  • Self-healing crystal wand

  • Programming Crystals

  • Creating the first self-healing crystal wand

  • Level 2 hand positions

  • Reiki for animals

  • Extensive manual with illustrations to guide you through a level 2 energy healing.


What you can do with Level 2 Reiki and crystal healing

People have various reasons for proceeding to Level 2 Reiki and Crystal Healing. Whatever your reason is, you can become a practitioner upon completion of Level 2. You will be able to use the great Usui symbols. You will also be able to call, use, and direct the energy of 3 major Reiki symbols- the power, the mental, and the distant symbol.


So, whether you want to advance to level 2 for additional knowledge or to operate a business, our Reiki & Crystal Healing Certification – Level 2 is great for you.

**Prerequisite for this course is Reiki Level 1**

Reiki & Crystal Healing Certification Level 2
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