Exercises and techniques to be covered in Level 1 include:


The History and current situation of Reiki and

Ethics and guidelines of practice

The principles and precepts of Reiki

Basics of crystal healing- encoding, cleansing, activating the inner guide

Discovering basic energy centres- The Chakra Energy System and Endocrine System

How to use your hands in feeling and transmitting life force energy - The hand positions.

How to give a complete treatment- Self, chair and table treatment

Hygiene and energy cleaning/ protection of the hands

The Discovery and History of Crystal power

The principles of crystal healing

Encoding the 7 basic crystal vibration- the smoky quartz, carnelian, citrine, rose quartz, chalcedony, amethyst, and clear quartz. This encoding is done at the cellular level, meaning you don't hold the Crystal's in your hand. You rather invoke the energy of the crystal through your hands and transmit it to yourself or others.

Choosing and learning crystals

Crystal healing with mental energy

Basic energy (aura) check-up using a specific clear quartz crystal

Learning to create a heart sanctuary for meditation

Activating the inner guide

Extensive manual with illustrations to guide you through a level 1 energy healing

What you can do with Level 1 Reiki and crystal healing


Level 1 may be basic, but you can do quite a lot with it. Upon completion of our Reiki & Crystal Healing Certification.  Level 1, students should be able to do the following;

Self-healing and healing others

Level 1 covers learning to practice Reiki and crystal healing on yourself and others. In the end, you should be able to conduct self-healing and also work on others. You should also be able to identify the 7 basic crystals and the region each is used for (the course covers the detail).

Cleanse your environment

Apply Reiki and Crystal healing energy to cleanse and bring light to your surrounding. Connect to Reiki using your hands and apply to your walls, ceiling, corners, the floor of your room.


Cleanse and remove bad energy from objects, food, animal, and anything. You can apply Reiki and crystal energy to anything you want

Reiki & Crystal Healing Certification Level 1
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