Are you ready to live your best life and discover your full potential? In this private coaching program, we will explore mindset fundamentals, the subconscious mind, and spiritual principles, all designed to guide you through your transformational journey.


Get ready to dive deep into your mind and soul to create a real and lasting change in your life, find your life purpose, achieve your goals, and find fulfilment. 


We will focus on uncovering the negative patterns and blocks that are unconsciously present and holding you back. We will replace those patterns with healthy tools and set long term goals for you to feel elevated, optimistic, and joyful in your life.


This program is customized based on the client's journey. It sharpens your journey from where you currently are to where you would love to be. It promises to be an exciting life-changing session and support.

       Awaken Consciousness is for you if you are ready to:

  • Discover your true self & be the authentic you

  • Know your life purpose & find a meaningful career path

  • Start a new business or improve an existing one

  • Improve, deepen, and enrich your relationships

  • Cultivate work/life balance and learn to manage your stress better

  • Create more inner peace, fulfilment, happiness & resilience

  • Raise your self-esteem and build self-confidence

  • Communicate more effectively, authentically, and honestly with others

  • Uncover and overcome self-limiting beliefs, mindsets, and behaviours that sabotage your life

  • Transform destructive and negative self-talk that causes stress, worry, anxiety, frustration & guilt into positive & constructive self-affirming ways of thinking and feeling, or

  • Simply discover and learn to be your authentic self and experience the true power and freedom that comes from being true to yourself.



Release Negative Emotions

Stop struggling. Take charge of your life and thrive. Get certainty in uncertain times. Nourish yourself and get crystal clear on what you desire to achieve and show up fully in your life. 

This is a transformational deep dive program with the intention of releasing stuck negative emotions, anxiety, stress, and tension. Re-connecting your mind, heart, body and soul with love, joy and compassion.

Join us for a LIVE virtual program from the comfort of your own home.


We will walk with you down the rabbit hole and walk back into the light. Giving you the ability and control to release negative emotions that hold you back from living, loving and laughing authentically.


Viktoria, Intimacy & Relationship Specialist and Carla, Mindset & Empowerment Coach have partnered to help you Break Free.


15+ hours of content, coaching and homework

Support in between weekly sessions.
5 Week Program meets 2x per week


Wednesdays, September 23 from 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm &

Sundays, September 27  from 7:30 pm-8:30 pm



Stop struggling and step into a renewed relationship paradigm. Releasing past hurts, deepening your connection, passion, and playfulness. Authentically expressing and living the vibrant and healthy intimacy you desire.

The Transformational Love Program for Couples is a loving and supportive immersive 4-day experience with 25+ hours of personal & group relationship training and coaching with Carla and Viktoria.

Relationships are not easy, they have many challenges and pitfalls as no two people are the same. It takes a constant reshaping of one’s values, beliefs and perspectives to weather the relationship journey. It takes more than love to create and sustain a consciously loving and thriving long term relationship.

All couples need to be flexible, self-expressed, accountable and emotionally intelligent while setting healthy boundaries to get the most out of your partnership. All relationships require work. Yours is no exception.

Get to the heart of your relationship problems, including analyzing personal patterns that have influenced and created challenges in the way you interact with your loved ones.

We specialize in guiding and training you on how to be masterful with your relationship. Crafting and developing a wide array of relationship skills and tools that will increase your ability to

  • authentically communicate with compassion

  • strengthen and improve intimacy in and out of the bedroom

  • release emotional blocks, clear limiting beliefs and conflicts 

  • create more harmony in your relationship

  • re-ignite your passion, playfulness and adventure

  • learn to cultivate and nurture closeness, openness and respect

  • redesign a new and healthy relationship pathway