Exercises and techniques to be covered in Level 3 & Master include;


The complete Master Attunement and training on how to perform it for Level 1,2, and 3

The values and spiritual direction of a Reiki and crystal healing Master

Advanced energy healing techniques for emergency use only- Acceleration of time

The basic technique of the Master level

Attunement and understanding of four additional Usui symbols- two Usui Master Symbols and two Tibetan Master symbols.

Psychic surgery technique to remove negative psychic energy from yourself, others, and your surroundings.

Advanced techniques in developing mind concentration and consciousness

Chakra and colour healing

Practitioner manual

Aura cleaning

Reiki crystal grid

Healing with a crystal wand

Guided Imagery and Healing Meditation for self and others

Healing with a laser crystal

You will receive the recording from attunement and a copy of all the manuals used for each level.

What you can do with Level 3 Reiki and crystal healing  

You receive a Master symbol when you get a Level 3 certification. You now have the capacity to work on a spiritual level and to channel your Universal Energy, contact your own truth, as well as, heal, and train other people.


Level 3 is a place of self-mastery in which you no longer have to go with the waves but control the waves in your chosen direction. You are in charge of creating the life you desire through choices, intentions, actions, and thoughts. You become a powerful creator of the life you want and also help other people have the life they want.


It’s a level where you can serve the world with your abilities and talents while fulfilling your highest potential.

**Prerequisite for this course is Reiki Level 2**

Reiki & Crystal Healing Certification Level 3 & Master
Location is TBD